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Where’s the World’s Most Dangerous Wave?

As far as we’re concerned Shipsterns is faaaarrrrked, but hey, here the world’s top surfers naming the world’s most dangerous waves. For all of human history, waves have been a byword for “danger.” They drown […]

World’s 20 Best Surf Towns

You be the judge. A great surf town is the nearly magical sum of consistent waves, inviting accommodations, friendly locals, fun nightlife, delicious food, and plenty of activities should the ocean go flat. The following […]

How Meditation Works

Stay more present. Get more waves. Simple right? Mindfulness meditation. Chances are that you’ve either heard or seen (or rolled your eyes at) these words in recent months, as studies, celebrity endorsements, and even apps continue […]

Jeff McCallum Interview

The young surfboard shaper on quality, design and holding true to your values in the face of growth: Jeff McCallum  

This Looks Good…

New swell predicting app – Coming soon from Tide

Havana Surf!

Great article in the New York Times about surfing in Cuba – and cool Havana locals org. Royal 70.

Hollow Core Door with a Fin?

We fully support this guys gumption, just aren’t too sure about the shape. I mean, look at those rails! We look forward to hearing how it goes. Full build photos start to finish here.

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