Temple of Toe™ – Get There!

The Products

Temple of Toe is a new surf wear and equipment company based on the principles of sport specific design, innovation, style and quality.

Most popular surf brands (Volcom, RipCurl, Hurley, Quiksilver etc.) are virtually indistinguishable.
Not only do they all look the same from years of copying and competing with each other, but they all exude and promote a brash, in your face, agro, hard-core attitude.

Shirts covered in logos and splashed on graphics may appeal to some, but what about surfers who want to show off their identity and personality without becoming walking billboards or fashion victims? What about surfers who are willing to pay more for real quality, innovation and design?

Clearly there is room in the marketplace for a surfing brand that brings style and soul back to surfing.
A brand for an affluent, soulful and sophisticated surfer.

A brand like Temple of Toe.

From clothing to board designs and accessories, all Temple of Toe products are unique.

Innovative thinking and timeless design are our true points of difference. We don’t make stuff just to make it.
We make it better. And we do it here, in Australia. Not in Thailand or China.

Temple of Toe is a commitment to the lifestyle and to quality and innovation in an industry where it rarely exists.
Because the world doesn’t need another surf brand, just a better one.

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