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Agave Surfboards: Functional Art

Non-toxic and eco friendly surfboards are so in right now. As surfers we kind of assume we’re automatically greener than the rest of the world, but our passion is as much a part of the problem as anything else these days. And that’s brought on the push of sustainable surfing. In the eyes of Chad Kaimanu, a born and bred Californian surfer, boards of the non-toxic kind are “functional pieces of art.” Listen to him share that process and his inspiration behind making agave boards and you’ll agree.

Chad Kaimanu Jackson was born and raised in a small coastal town in Central California. He began surfing at a young age and by college he was traveling and surfing for multiple sponsors. Chad is well known for being a big wave pioneer and for surfing remote spots along the California coast. Five years ago, Chad began shaping sustainable surfboards out of agave wood.

He credits his father and Hawaiian lineage for the inspiration to create alternative surfboards that utilize non-toxic materials and function comparable to conventional toxic polyurethane foam surfboards. Chad describes his unique surfboards as “functional pieces of art” and his meticulous shaping process is evidence of that.

To check out Chad’s surfboards visit: hempsurfboards.com.

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