Temple of Toe™ – Get There!

The Believers

Eran Thomson & Mark Rivett


One day back 2004, before paddling out for a surf with Temple of Toe Co-Founder, Mark Rivett, I stuck a bit of leftover wax on the nose of my board. Maybe it was not wanting to pollute the beach by leaving it to melt in the sand.

Maybe it was simply divine inspiration.

When I got out to the line-up, Mark gave me a funny look, pointed at the wax pyramid on the nose of my board and asked

“What the hell is that?”

I could have said that it was just some leftover wax, but instead I gave him a funny look and made something up…

“It’s a Temple of Toe. Duh.”

“Yeah? What the hell is that?”

So I told him that the whole point of a Temple of Toe was to get on a nice wave, walk up to the nose, hang five or ten, and crush the Temple with your toe. This way you’d have a tangible goal as well as, proof of your achievement.

He bought it. So we put a Temple of Toe on his board too.

It was only later that our friend Shawn Brown helped us realize that getting to the nose and crushing your Temple could be perceived as a metaphor for achieving your goals and dreams out of the water.

And since one of our goals and dreams was to start a surfing company, we did.

It’s taken us awhile, but we’ll soon have the pleasure of inviting you explore our new range of innovative clothing, boards and products. I think you’ll agree when you see it that we’ve landed on something special.

And in the meantime, we encourage you to build you own Temple of Toe – and “get there!”