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Surfing Innovation from Bondi Beach Australia – Get There!

Surf’s Up and Coming

Surf’s Up and Coming

Australia’s Waves Will Get Stronger And Bigger Thanks To Climate Change, Says New Study

Temple Mystery!

Spotted on the Universal Lot in LA, a mysterious prop sign (4th from left) featuring a very familiar logo. Free beer for the first person to tell us what it means or what movie it […]

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Temple of Toe’r, Mark Rivett posted this drool worthy shot online today. Time to ask for a raise me thinks!

Meeting of the Minds

ASP Independent Board Member, Angus Murray and Monogram Boss Lady, Amy Nadaskay checking the waves at C-Street, Ventura today. Nobody paddled out, but we did set some ideas in motion. Big things to come from […]

Getting There!

Cross step till your dreams come true!

New Logo!

What does it mean? For us the new logo holds much symbolism – the pyramid shape of a temple, the circular flow of life, hands coming together in contemplation or prayer (if that’s your thing), […]

Play with your Wood

Spotted on eBay: http://r.ebay.com/Wj6jN8 If you can’t afford the real thing, this might be your next best bet.

Drop In



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